Patents and Licenses

Bromine enhanced mercury abatement out of combsution flue gases: Since September 2005, Vosteen Consulting GmbH is owning the patent US 6,878,358 and the corresponding Canadian patent CA 2,435,474. The German Patent DE 10233173 and the European Patent EP 1386655, as well as the corresponding patents in Australia (AU 2003 220 713) and Korea (KR 10 2003 49636) have been issued.

The emerging low cost technology is based on mercury bromination in the flue gas of coal-fired power stations or of waste incineration plants during boiler passage and/or passage of a SCR-catalyst bed and dust removal system. Bromine compounds as aqueous solutions of bromide salts are added to the combustor feed or directly injected into the combustion chamber, where the bromides are reacting with e.g. coal born SO2 (sulphation of the bromide salts), thus setting free HBr/Br2 for the wanted mercury oxidation. The process was applied for patent by Bayer Industry Services GmbH & Co oHG (BIS) in 2002. BIS, today renamed as CURRENTA GmbH & Co oHG, has given Vosteen Consulting GmbH an exclusive general license for all countries.

ALSTOM Power Inc. - Environmental Control Systems, Knoxville/TN, has been granted an exclusive license from Vosteen Consulting GmbH for joint exploitation and commercialization of this technology on utility and industrial processes in the United States and Canada. Many large-scale test runs have been successfully done. In 2008 ALSTOM Power has sold first sublicenses to some US power stations.

US EPRI has got a R&D-license for large-scale demonstration test runs in the States and for industriel research on bromine based mercury abatement.

Southern Company (40.000 MWe installed capacity, thereof 50 % coal based) has got a license for own use only.

In the meantime the technology has been successfully demonstrated on a commercial scale on US coal-fired boilers (up to 800 MWe) in a US DOE project as well as in US EPRI projects with considerable success.

In Germany the process is commercially applied at different wast incineration plants, i.e. at four hazarous waste incinerators of BAYER Industry Services GmbH & Co. oHG and - under license from Vosteen Consulting GmbH - at two fluidised beds sewage sludge incinerators of Emschergenossenschaft GmbH at its WWTP Bottrop (since August 2004) and at two similar plants of Tiefbauamt Karlsruhe at its WWTP Neureut (since November 2007).